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Ecommerce calculators for sellers 2022

Allow your potential customers to count everything themselves and skip unnecessary consultations on prices, quantity, and other product details.

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01 Help customers count the quantities they need

Save time for unnecessary consultations on quantities. Tiles, building materials, amount of paint - eliminate manual calculations for both your parties when calculators can do that for you!

Quantity calculator for e-shop

02 Simplify your product or service pricing

If you ever found it hard to explain your pricing, interactive calculators are your solution. Add elements and conditions so your customers will be able to count the price himself even though it depends on various factors.

Product or service price calculator for e-shop

03 Show the Value (ROI) the customer gets

There are various ways to convey the value you create for your customers. Maybe your service is saving their precious time by completing long and frustrating house chores? Show the real value of your product or service to your prospects!

ROI calculator for online store

04 Educate, engage and build customer loyalty

Build loyalty, educate and engage your customers about what is the best type of product/service according to their needs, show your values, and recreate the in-person sales experience!

Engagement calculator for e-commerce

Popular E-commerce calculator templates

Available with all major e-commerce website builders

Building your online store is now easier than ever. These powerful and highly rated website builders let you create an e-shop without any coding skills making it a DIY project for anyone! But dont forget that beautiful design and interesting product are not all. It can be easily affected by poor user experience and complicated pricing, quantity calculations, or other difficulties related to customer service. So improve your website user experience with interactive calculators and sell more.

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Custom product calculator for online store Saving calculator for website Service quote calculator for e-commerce Product quantity calculator for e-store


Pricing: One of the most basic types - a pricing calculator. Perfect for eCommerce websites offering customizable products. Let your users count the price for custom features or the quantity purchased and proceed to checkout straight away!

Savings: Savings calculators will let you convey the value of your product easier. This example calculator lets the user see why it’s worth buying a car wash membership instead of a one time deal!

Service Price calculator: Price quote calculators can be adjusted to any product or service. Moving services usually depend on many variables that’s why you need a personal offer, but with an interactive calculator, you don’t need consultations!

Quantity: Quantity calculator helping users count the needed product amounts based on their needs. Save time for consultations when a calculator can answer the question in a few clicks!

Why use interactive calculators?

"Professional", "visually appealing" and "high converting" are the main conditions for you to call your e-commerce website successful. Interactive calculators can help you achieve all three.

Starting with a **visually appealing design**, interactive calculators are fully customizable to adapt to your e-store design and become the attention-grabbing lead magnets on your site. The editor stands out for the flexibility and variety of styling options that vary from color to different element types and exceptional features. All strive for the best-deserved outcome so we're excited for you to show your creative skills!

Interactive calculator example for Business card print quotation.

Web calculators also enable you to provide your customers with access to precise data and numbers empowering them to make informed decisions! When your users feel unsure or confused, the best way to help is to let them calculate the numbers and see the value for themselves. That's how you fulfill the second condition - facilitate their shift from a shopping cart to checkout and **increase conversions.** Feel excited to check your e-shop results at the end of the month!

Allow your support team to focus on the most qualified leads. By enhancing your user experience, providing personalized information, and letting your potential customers see only what’s relevant to their case will make you look **professional** and focused on customer needs. They will be able to count the price, quantity, and other product details crucial for them to make a decision.

Customize and adapt your interactive calculator to your website and engage customers giving them timely and accurate access to information about prices, potential savings, delivery costs, the amount of a given product they might need, and so much more.

Have a look at what interactive calculators can do for your online store and choose the functions you want to improve to feel more confident about your e-commerce website.

Enhance website UX - Use conditional visibility in your calculator to provide the different answers for different client segments or information about different products/services.

Generate leads - interactive calculators perform as impressive lead magnets, grabbing attention, engaging your customer, and providing value for the last incentive for leaving you their contact information. Add an email form to send the calculator results to their email and build a connection with your users.

Process Orders and Payment - help simplify and even automate parts of your sales work, add a PayPal button to pay for the chosen products straight away, or at least create a form to request a quote.

Produce Quality Leads - cut down on the time you spend interacting with leads that aren’t really interested in your product or service in the first place.

What our customers are saying

Leads that submit a calculator/quote close at about 5x the rate of simple inquiries

Jasmine Hetfeld, Groups and Events Manager at Kulaniapia Falls

We chose CALCONIC because of The UI of the tool, and how the finished calculators looked compared to others. Calconic and its pricing were much more attractive

William Hope, Owner of Spurwing Agency & Founder of

I just relaunched my personal website. Traffic was minimal, maybe 20 visits a day, it’s now been 20,000 per day on average since launching the calculator

Preet Banerjee, Personal Finance Commentator

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Calconic makes building a web calculator super easy. You can build and add your interactive calculator to your site in a few simple clicks using the drag-and-drop editor.

If you’re not exactly sure what kind of interactive calculator you want, or need some inspiration to get started, Calconic already has tons of ready-to-use templates that can be added directly onto your website or be further customized to suit your particular needs. Seamlessly integrate into the design of your website, and choose from a wide range of options to build anything from a basic to a more complex web calculator.

What’s more, Calconic’s web calculators look great on both mobile and desktop websites, and can either be embedded on a specific page of your website or appear as a pop-up – you decide.

Again, it’s a relatively simple solution, but its effectiveness and value can be the stepping stone for you to feel confident about your e-commerce website.

How to use interactive calculators?

  1. Sing in and select template.
  2. Customize calculator if needed. Change input fields, units.
  3. Change style. Fonts, colors and all the rest.
  4. Embed code to your website, or share a link of your calculator.

Placing matters!

Last advice before you start creating! Interactive calculators are a great way to collect leads, improve your user experience and convert visitors into customers so make it stand out and easy to find!

The best place to add your interactive calculator if you have multiple services, is the page with the relevant service. It's the most relevant place because a calculator supported by service marketing material will become the main customer conversion point.

If you provide a single service the best place to embed a service price calculator would be the homepage of your website. More traffic gives more interactions with a calculator, this drives a higher volume of sales leads and orders.

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