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Calconic’s price quote calculator is a tool designed for businesses that sell products/services with complicated pricing schemes. If your business fits into this category, you surely know that providing prospects with quotes takes a hell of a lot of time. You have probably also heard that if you want to stand out from the competition, you have to give potential clients instant, on-the-spot responses, otherwise they will simply move onto the next option. In this sense, an instant quote calculator gives your prospects the responsiveness they demand, and it’s lightning fast. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, our calculator forms eliminates the barrier between you and your potential customers, allowing them to get in direct contact with you, too.

Price Quote Calculator formula

Price = (Service choice + Extra services) * Quantity

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How does calculator form work?

In short, an instant price quote calculator makes complex things easier to present and comprehend. It saves time, both for you and your prospects. A price quote calculator is an online widget; it's a tool that works like a fun drag and drop quiz. Depending on the type of business you run, you’ll need to decide what the most significant information you should include on your calculator is. What factors may determine the price of your product or service? Is timing important? Does location matter? Are you pricing per piece or per hour? Online calculator from aims to ask your prospects the most vital questions in order to identify their needs, and respond to them with the most suitable personalized offer. When you’re done with the questions, all you need to do is embed an instant price quote calculator into your website.

Price quote calculators not only fully adapt to your business needs, they are also equipped with endless design options. As such, they are extremely versatile. No matter what CMS your website is built on, the calculator form will fit with any of them! It’s also completely compatible with all modern browsers and totally responsive – works flawlessly on any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.).

Examples of instant price quote calculator use

An example of a price quote calculator based on area. This premade calculator might be found in the app templates list.

As mentioned earlier, a price quote calculator can solve the more ‘complicated’ business models and present them in a simpler, more accessible way. In this sense, this tool can save you a lot of time if you’re selling products or offering a service that have complicated pricing schemes. Here are a few examples:

Benefits of having an instant price calculator embedded into your website

There are plenty of them, but let’s name the most significant ones.

Benefits to your business:

Benefits to your potential customers

The instant quote calculator is just a single color in the rainbow. With Calconic you can build any calculator form, with thousands of conditions. Believe or not, it works like magic. These calculators take complex products/services into account and make them easy to understand and fun – not boring! Using our platform, you can literally create any type, form, length, and complexity of calculator you can think of.

E.g. You can build a calculator that calculates the price of landscaping services, determined by the size of the land plot, the landscape itself, inclination, variety of plants, level of inundation, etc. Or you can build a calculator to calculate the cleaning service for your three separate AirBnb apartments, where each has its own specific demands. Two of the apartments are mostly booked on weekends and during holidays, while the third is in the city center and it’s busy pretty much all year-round. This means that you need flexibility and in order to obtain the most effective service, calculations need to be very precise.

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