Volume calculators

Volume calculators are online tools, which estimate the capacity of the three-dimensional objects, ranging from card boxes to fuel tanks. The best-known example (most likely from math class at school) is volume of the cuboid (box). It’s counted by multiplying its 3 dimensions: length x width x height.


Volume of Cuboid = Length * Width * Height

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What does the term ‘volume’ mean?

Volume is the amount of space, which is occupied by an object or material. It could be a volume of your room, which needs to be heated with hot air, a volume of your pool, which should be filled with water, or the volume of your gardening pot, that needs to be stuffed with the topsoil etc.

The list could be extended forever, because every three-dimensional object occupies space or in other words, has its volume. Therefore, pretty much every three dimensional object we use may be filled with some kind of material. In order to estimate, how much material we’d need for filling, we need to calculate the volume of our object.

What is it for?

Volume calculators may be very useful to your potential customers, if you are selling products/services, related with the capacity/storage, e.g. ship containers, trucks, heavy loading machinery or packaging materials, like boxes, etc.

These calculators could also be extremely fruitful to your prospects, if you are offering products/services related with materials, which needs to be stored/carried in some kind of capacity. E.g. you are running an oil company, producing oil in various type of capacities or you are running a construction company. Selling gravel, concrete, etc.? Maybe you own a small landscape planning service company, which is constantly dealing with soil substrate calculations? It’s probably a never-ending list.

Volume formulas for the most common shapes

See the list of Volume calculators for some of the most common shapes

Sphere Volume Calculator Formula

Sphere Volume = (4/3)πr³, where r is the Radius of the sphere

Cone Volume Calculator Formula

Cone Volume = (1/3)πr²h, where r is the radius and h is the Height of the cone

Cube Volume Calculator Formula

Cube Volume = s³, where s is the length of the Side of the cube

Cylinder Volume Calculator Formula

Cylinder Volume = πr²h, where r is the Radius and h is the Height of the cylinder

Cuboid Volume Calculator Formula

Rectangular Tank Volume = l * w * h, where l is the Length, w - Width and is the Height of the cuboid (box)

Capsule Volume Calculator Formula

Capsule Volume = πr²(4/3r + h), where r is Radius and h is Height of the cylindrical portion

Conical Frustum Volume Calculator Formula

Frustum Volume = 1/3 πh(r² + rR + R²), where r and R are the Radius of the top and bottom bases, h is the Height of the frustum

Ellipsoid Volume Calculator Formula

Ellipsoid Volume = 4/3πabc, where a, b, and c are the Lengths of the ellipsoid's axes

Regular Pyramid Volume Calculator Formula

Pyramid Volume = 1/3bh, where b is a Base Area and h is the Height of the pyramid

Square Pyramid Volume Calculator Formula

Pyramid Volume = 1/3a²h, where a is length of the base's edge of the pyramid

Prism Volume Calculator Formula

Prism Volume = πAh, where A is a Base Area and h is the Height of Prism

Examples of use

Volume calculators have an extremely wide application. These online tools could be employed in any case, where’s a need to estimate the capacity. Here are a couple of the situations, where Volume calculators could be highly useful.

How do Volume calculators work?

These tools are online widgets for websites. You have to simply embed them to your website, and it’s ready. Volume calculators are exceptionally flexy. You can add extra ticks, text lines to them. Maybe a quiz? Also you can make them very simple and quick to fill, as well as become with something more sophisticated and adding lots of stuff to it. You can leave it raw or you can cook it well - it’s your choice! In the end it will definitely match your business profile perfectly.

What else is great about Volume calculators is that you can adjust their appearance completely. The control of design, colour & text is also in your hands! Besides, Volume calculators are fully compatible with all modern browsers, and wholeheartedly responsive - they work smoothly on any device whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet or desktop.

Why you should embed Volume calculators to your website?

Simply because they bring a lot of benefits both for you and your customers. Here’s a few:

Benefits to your business

Benefits to your potential clients:

Volume calculators are just one of many. With CALCONIC you can build any calculator you can think of. E.g. using CALCONIC platform you’d be able to estimate the volume of mulch needed for your gardening project, if your gardening plot is 15 acres, you have 10 separate plant species, which requires various width of mulch and your trailer capacity is 50 sq. m. Or you may build a calculator, how much gravel you need to build the road of 20 feet long, 10 feet wide, with the width of 6 inches of gravel.

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