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Web Calculators for Home renovation industry [2023]

Web Calculators for Home renovation experts

Home renovation industry is booming. After all, home is a place where you spend the most time, (especially during the pandemic) so naturally, more people started thinking about how to improve their space to feel more comfortable, cozy, and inspiring!

Despite the pandemic and the boom of new stock built, around 80% of houses in the USA are at least 20 years old or more! So home renovation is a very important service. And even more so, the decision to remodel a house usually takes over moving to a new place.

But remodeling a house or even an apartment is usually a big project. It involves lots of planning, budgeting, consultations with various contractors later followed by design, material choice, and adapting to situations during the renovation.

For a contractor or building material seller, the process is also complicated. Consulting each client on the best product for their house, installation, helping them count quantities they need, and processing lots of different orders with delivery is a huge responsibility and at the moment difficult to manage without a huge team.

Interactive web calculators to manage customer experience on-site and consult!

This time I’m going to introduce you to construction calculators that could help home renovation companies, specialists and building material sellers save time and improve customer experience. Sometimes it surprises me how many repair or material websites don’t have an interactive calculator for their customers even though they have to count things and consult on quantities or product choices every day!

So let’s take a look at some great home renovation calculators that could help contractors and material sellers or anyone working in the home renovation industry improve and speed up their customer journey.

01 Home renovation cost estimator

Of course one of the main questions a person has once they decide to remodel their home or certain space is the costs. This calculator could appear on the contractors’ website and help customers set the right expectations regarding all project budget and what they want to repair.

The calculator takes into account the area size, type of project, different types of services the customer will need, then offers 3 different material segments - luxury, medium, and economy, and lastly includes extra services they can choose. Of Course, such an estimate won’t be 100% accurate but it can save your time as a specialist and help customers prioritize and decide what remodeling jobs they’ll want to do first.

Use this calculator template as basis for your custom home renovation service calculator

The overarching goal is to make your client come to your website and get all the answers in just a few minutes. You can even add an order form, so you can easily manage all the customer flood and collect leads. The rest is up to your booking system. Less unexpected clients - more consistent results!

02 Flooring installation calculator

Another important calculator that could help lots experts working with flooring renovation is the flooring installation calculator. For people that don’t know anything about flooring, it might be hard to understand how some materials require special skills to install and take much more time and money to install. With such a calculator you won’t need to take care of the explanation and handdle clueless customers as it will do it for you straight on your website. Add the important information next to specif type of flooring and your customer will be informed before your first meeting!

This calculator template includes the type of flooring materials people want to install, and automatically counts the area size from room width and lenght inputs. Then provides the customer with the cost of installation of his preffered flooring. You can customize this calculator however you need and maybe show not only the cost of installation but include material prices, and technical explanations to each different materials or recommendations for the best flooring in different types of space.

Use this calculator template as basis for your custom flooring calculator

This is a good basis for your calculator; it may be that you're work with only certain types of flooring. If so, go ahead and update prices, add all the options you can offer and embed it to your website.

03 Tile quantity calculator

A material quantity calculator is something every material seller should have on their website. So why don’t you? If you’re selling tiles, roofing material, paint, wood, bricks, etc. Your customers will always have quantity questions and either you need a consultant to be there or you can have a calculator on your site that can do it for you.

So here is a tile quantity calculator. It includes the tile size, gap size people want to make, and area size. The answer shows how many tiles are needed and includes the waste your customer could expect as it would not be smart to buy the exact amount of tiles and then if at least one breaks, your customer is in trouble. You can add more specifications to know the shape of the area and more, but that’s up to your needs.

Use this calculator template as basis for your custom building material quantity calculator

When it comes to materials, everything is clear once the client chooses the product type and know the quantity they need. So add a payment button or an order form at the end of the calculator so they could checkout straight away!

04 Interior design project calculator

As hiring an interior designer is becoming a must for many housing projects, at least to create the technical sketches or visualizations, I’ve decided to prepare a calculator template for you too. So if you’re an architect or an interior designer you want to spend most of your time designing, choosing materials, and solving project questions not counting estimates and quotes. Customize and add a web calculator to your website, provide users with a quote for your services. Then only the qualified and ready customer will take your time with long consultation and a rightly set budget.

This interior design price quote calculator includes the type of project you will be working, so newly built or refurbishment, then asks what type of property it is, so it would be easier to understand project scope. Then the prospect should fill the exact area size, number of rooms and lastly choose the type of services they need from you as a designer.

Use this calculator template as basis for your custom interior design project cost calculator

Being so transparent and open, you can build much more trust with your client service compared to competitors who don’t have such interactive tools. Use the customized calculator as your template for service website and add extra information as needed. Maybe you offer service bundles, or work only on luxury projects. Who knows, so customize it however you want the only limit is your creativity!

05 Window replacement calculator

Window replacement services are one of the most common ones when we are talking about old house renovation. But it can also become quite expensive and depends on many different factors. So if you’re a window seller or specialist doing the job you can adapt this calculator to your needs. With a web calculator, you can help customers choose the right windows by asking them to fill in the information about the size, climate, sound isolation needed, etc. You can also help them count the estimate for replacement work because the hourly pay is not standard. It depends on the type of windows, the shape, whether it’s hard to install, and similar.

This calculator template includes the number of windows the client plans to change, then they have to choose the window type, also the frames and then the calculator provides the detailed price estimate distingueshed into costs for materials and windows, installation costs and then sums up the total expected price.

Use this calculator template as basis for your custom replacement service calculator

More ideas for services related to home renovation

We only covered the tip of the iceberg of the opportunities Calconic offers! Here‘s a couple more ideas from the infinitive list if you‘re running a building or home renovation related services company:

Home renovation Web calculators – as digital DIY projects

All of the home renovation calculators described above are simple and painless to use. It takes up to 5 minutes to embed them into your website using CALCONIC_ calculator builder. As a home renovation service pro you don't need to have any prior coding knowledge to implement these tools into your website, either. An important thing to remember is that the calculators above are only general versions. As easy as they are to build, templates can also be modified in a matter of minutes. Depending on your specific needs, optional settings, prices, calls to action and other elements – everything can be changed and adjusted. All home renovation related Calculators can be found in the template list once you’re signed in to your CALCONIC_ profile. They’re ready to be used or tweaked to meet your exact needs.

When it comes to choosing the appearance of our calculators, it could become your new digital DIY project. You can match any calculator to the design of your website effortlessly by adjusting the appearance preferences (font, colors, size, resolution, etc.). Our home renovation industry calculators are outstandingly responsive. They perform flawlessly on any device – desktop, laptop and smartphone, you name it.

Find more tips about using our calculators on our knowledge base.

Important features for home renovation service and building material providers!

Collect payments. Add a PayPal Payment button to your custom calculator and your users can buy the right amount of tiles, paint, bricks, or other neccessary materials straigth away! It's just a perfect example that calculators can do more than count basic information.

Conditional element visibility. Your calculator can adjust to the type of answers your customers provide making their experience on your website supper personalized. Conditional element feature let's you show different result depending on their chosen services, apply discounts from certain quantity, show differenet informational boxes for differnet types of materials and etc.

Mail results If you want to collect qualified leads, let customers count their estimates and leave their contact details to get the results sent to their email. This form lets you collect phone numbers, emails, even book a date for consultation.

Combines with other sales and marketing tools. Thanks to Zapier integration, your price quote calculator can transfer your leads directly to SalesForce, HubSpot or any other existing CRM system you use. This way, you can keep all your car loving prospects and inquiries in one place!

Collect orders with a custom order form. Easily customize an order form for your product or service if your customers can't checkout straight away. All information they filled in the calculator, their cost or quantity estimates will go straight to your email together with the order request. Handle orders more easily!


Adding a customized calculator to your website is very easy and you don't need any coding skills. Compatible with any website builder web calculators can help you answer home renovation-specific questions in several clicks. They let you cut down on the time it takes to answer endless inquiries about prices, timing, savings, best material choice, etc.

Any of the discussed calculators can be used as a template, what's left for you is to just customize it according to your business and the most frequent questions asked by the users and you'll be ready to embed it to your website. Make your customer journey easy, by providing them with all the tools necessary for comfortable progress throughout the project, and be sure to earn their loyalty.

✌ Thank you for reading :)

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