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Identify topics that could be interesting to your potential customers.

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Build a calculator, embed it to your website and provide personalized answers on the topic .

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Engage and educate users on their case and use the calculator as a link magnet.

Example case

Use this Interactive savings calculator as a template for your custom calculator


Adam - a bike shop owner

Try calculatore in action Adam is a bike shop owner that wanted to show the value of bikes in our everyday lives without actually marketing his own products. So he decided to create an interactive calculator that would count how much each of us could save by choosing to go to work by bike. Adam’s calculator helps to show not only the benefits from our health perspective but also the benefits related to costs. And the results exceeded the expectations not only better brand awareness but 20% more sales in the long run.

Via the calculator, Adams website visitors can choose their usual transportation choice, the distance to their workplace and the usual time spent to get to work. The calculator then automatically shows the visitor an estimate of how much they could save by choosing a bike instead. And the results in most cases are pretty amazing. Not only money-wise but in terms of time saved as well!

The results:

  1. Based on the inputs and the set formula, the calculator show website visitors how much they could save by going to work with a bike instead of any other form of transportation.
  2. Bike sports enthusiasts started sharing the calculator via social channels, encouraging others to start going to work with bikes.
  3. Adams e-shop traffic grew by 30% and rising interest in his bike as well!

Adding a calculator to engage and educate visitors on his website resulted in better branding across the internet and bigger sales in the longterm.

Popular engaging calculator templates

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Building your website is now easier than ever. These powerful and highly rated website builders let you create an your own website without any coding skills making it a DIY project for anyone! But dont forget that beautiful design and interesting product are not all. It can be easily affected by poor user experience and complicated pricing, quantity calculations, or other difficulties related to customer service. So improve your website user experience with interactive calculators and sell more.

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Savings: Interactive savings calculator is one of the best ways to show why your product or service is worth it. Customize your calculator so any visitor could count their benefits and use it a link magnet!

Pricing: One of the most basic types - a pricing calculator. Perfect for eCommerce websites offering customizable products. Let your users count the price for custom features or the quantity purchased and proceed to checkout straight away!

Savings: Savings calculators will let you convey the value of your product easier. This example calculator lets the user see why it’s worth buying a car wash membership instead of a one time deal!

Service Price calculator: Price quote calculators can be adjusted to any product or service. Moving services usually depend on many variables that’s why you need a personal offer, but with an interactive calculator, you don’t need consultations!

Quantity: Quantity calculator helping users count the needed product amounts based on their needs. Save time for consultations when a calculator can answer the question in a few clicks!

Other customers about Calconic

Leads that submit a calculator/quote close at about 5x the rate of simple inquiries

Jasmine Hetfeld, Groups and Events Manager at Kulaniapia Falls

We chose CALCONIC because of The UI of the tool, and how the finished calculators looked compared to others. Calconic and its pricing were much more attractive

William Hope, Owner of Spurwing Agency & Founder of

I just relaunched my personal website. Traffic was minimal, maybe 20 visits a day, it’s now been 20,000 per day on average since launching the calculator

Preet Banerjee, Personal Finance Commentator

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